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To get the best results we recommend hiring a personal trainer to start your journey off successfully. Why? A personal trainer is going to teach you how to use the equipment that a gym provides correctly, these include how to use the machines (isolation) and movements with free weights (stabilisation)

The role of the personal trainer is to make sure that you not only learn how to use the equipment, but you learn the correct movement patterns which will help you be successful in your goals and avoid getting any nasty injuries.  If you don’t learn correctly you will have to relearn correct pattern movements from a personal trainer if you have not sought professional advice before engaging in gym activities.

We know that a lot of people get their workouts from YouTube, however, it is important to be careful with whom you are following on YouTube, make sure they are a qualified trainer. Before watching and learning from YouTube be mindful that without correct instruction you may be performing techniques incorrectly causing more harm than good. This is why Personal Trainers are important, they make sure you are lifting and doing the movement correctly as they understand the science behind your body.  A personal trainer can make recommendations and adjustments so that you are performing the best possible form throughout the movement.  Trust me it is worth it.


Your transformation begins by using the knowledge that a personal trainer can offer. We can provide the tools and support for you to transform yourself into the best version of you.

Our goal is to see people engage in their own personal health and fitness as part of their daily routine. Make time, not excuses, you owe it to yourself and your family to improve your health and feel a sense of personal well-being and invigoration.

We are seeing more and more evidence through the industry and through science about why people should be lifting weights and doing regular exercise. However, it is important to realise that the number one key factor to weight-loss is to focus on the way we are eating through our nutrition.

Move Your Body!

You can maintain a healthy and proactive lifestyle on a minimum of 20 minutes of regular exercise a day. How?  Check out our online transformation series.

Want to know more about Danny’s PT service? Need help, extra motivation or even accountability? Then Danny is your man, reach out and make contact today.


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Do you want the most effective no-nonsense approach to your training?
Are you looking for sustainable long term results?
Do you want someone who will get you the right results?
Do you want to be trained by someone who is a REPS registered professional as recommended by the Ministry of Health?

It is important for MD Fitness to see you reach your goals. What is important here is that you realise why you want this. This will keep you accountable as you work towards your goal.  Why are you entering into a health and fitness journey in the first place? Once you have that answer, own it and make it powerful for you. A good clear example of this is when our son asked Mel if she was going to have a heart attack like his grandmother, that was the greatest motivation and became her “why”.

If you struggle, if you lack motivation, if you make excuses, let MD Fitness hold you to account and help make a difference in the results you want to achieve. As a trainer, the focus is all about you.  It is about making you work hard for your results.

The passion that I share along with the commitment MD Fitness will give you is the single most important part about who Danny is as a trainer.  Danny can get you the results you want if you listen and follow the advice and be prepared to be pushed, most of all Danny will have you believing in yourself, see what our what our clients say about us.

For more information about our personal training service select the service option below.

The passion that I share and the care that I give makes me a very good Personal Trainer. Why? Because it is important for me to give you the best training opportunities to get you the best results. Sign up now or make contact to discuss further.

Our online training transformation series is the perfect way to start off your health and fitness journey.  We guide you through an online video series with easy to follow workouts so that you can be successful right in the comfort of your very own home.  Read More

Online Bodybuilding Workouts coming soon.

Functional fit is a great way to not only lose body fat but agreat way gain additional strength and lean muscle. This can be done in a one-on-one situation or in a group session. More Information

Special training for developing and gaining body adaption through hypertrophy.

As much as it is important to move our bodies and take care of ourselves, it is of greater importance to get the nutritional side of our food right, to see even greater results. We are experts in sustainable weight loss and recommend our Weight Loss Nutrition Guide

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Looking for the most effective way to burn off fat? This training is for you and is the greatest way to gain results and lose weight, while toning and shaping your body.

Train at home at a time that suits you, full support provided by MD Fitness, start your journey today.

Transformation Series


Check where you sit in the BMI chart.
BMI Weight Status
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25 - 29.9 Overweight
30 and Above Obese


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Your health and fitness journey is the greatest thing you can do for yourself. If you are looking for advice, tips and tricks and how we started, browse through the below articles to help you get the best head start.


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