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Hi and welcome to MD Fitness. Are you ready to be transformed? Do you want to lead a healthy lifestyle? If you said ‘Yes’ you have come to the right place.

MD Fitness first started out as Mel and Danny Fitness and later become Mental Discipline after we reaslied how much dedication was involved  to living a healthier lifestyle.

The goal of MD Fitness and what inspires both Mel and Danny has been to show people that a healthy and fit lifestyle isn’t as hard as you think, and doesn’t have to mean spending hours in the gy as there are alternatives that can be customised to meet your needs and goals.

To understand MD Fitness and why it is important to see people gain the healthy lifestyle both Mel and Danny have come to enjoy and love, is to first understand where they both started. See below for their personal stories.

We hope that this will give you an insight into how two ordinary people took on the challenge of totally transforming themselves, through health and nutrition and have sustained this change.

Weight Loss Nutrition

I am a mum, wife, nana and an early childhood teacher working full time and living in Cambridge New Zealand. My passion for health and fitness began in 2012 when I realised that I was overweight and unhappy. Having spent the previous three years studying, raising a family and working full time I acknowledged that rewarding myself with excess food and alcohol was the cause. The last straw was when my mother suffered from a heart attack which finally prompted a change.

I feel so grateful that I made the lifestyle changes to eat cleaner and incorporate exercise into my routine so that I can look forward to fitness and mobility as I move forward through life. To compliment my knowledge I have completed an advanced weight loss nutrition diploma.

My passion is now to help others by sharing the knowledge which I have gathered and strategies that I have trialled for myself. It saddens me to see people so desperate that they reach out and pay extortionate amounts of money for quick fix diet solutions which may well result in short term benefits but cannot be sustained for life. My goal is to support these people and teach them how to care for themselves and their family which will improve their health through nutrition and exercise.

I won the first runner up at the Jade MacKinnon NZ Fitness Model Search, Fit Mum 2018

Person Trainer

Hi, I am Danny Burt a Personal Trainer, father and husband to Mel. I operate my personal training business at Anytime Fitness here in Cambridge. I have always enjoyed physical exercise, however, throughout the years I have often let life get in the way and gained weight.  There was a stage in my life where I had grown to 107kg in bodyweight, I am currently 76kgs and have been as low as 62kg.  I must mention here that when I say grown to 107kgs, it wasn’t the sort of growth that you think, I had a 44-inch waist and I was “FAT”

My body type falls into the ectomorph category, so yeah, I’m your typical skinny guy. So at 107kgs, I can assure you it wasn’t pretty.

I have learnt a lot over the years and have a much greater knowledge of food, exercise and my personal mental health.  My goals are to continue to be better than I was yesterday and continue to push forward no matter how hard and is the same goal that I have for my clients.

I enjoy being fit, strong and healthy. I love to compete and challenge myself and have learnt to step out of my comfort zone in this industry. It is an extremely liberating and fantastic way to meet new people and make friends with people with the same goals as yourself.

I won NZ Model Search Fit Dad in 2018 run by Jade MacKinnon and was 3rd in Natural Physique Nationals in the INBA in 2017

My long term goal is to take someone all the way to the top of the fitness industry, to be their pt, coach and mentor – will you be that person?

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How did MD Fitness start

Sometimes in life, you reach a crossroad. We all become so busy in our lives with work, our families and our social circles that we forget about ourselves and our health and fitness.

We were no different, however, when the people you love around you become ill you start to think about your own mortality. We made the decision to make a change in our lifestyle and be better versions of ourselves.

Both Mel and Danny come from completely different backgrounds. Danny was an extremely active young man right up until his early 20’s and Mel was a young Mum and never involved with physical activity.

Mel was the major player in how MD Fitness was formed, it was through her decisions that she saved our families life from obesity and poor health.

The name MD Fitness simply started off as our first initials Mel and Dan. Together we belonged to a group of enthusiastic people who were doing exactly what we were doing, exercise and eating better to try to change their lives. Through this group, we made lots of friends and totally transformed our bodies until we had outgrown the group and needed greater challenges. We realised through the sacrifices we had made to turn our lives around, that it not only required encouragement but a lot of mental discipline to get up and get our workouts completed.

Mental Discipline, Mel and Dan Fitness was formed when we realised just how much our story and our transformation inspired others.  It takes a lot of self-motivation and commitment to reach your health and fitness goals, but it takes even more mental discipline to succeed week in and week out.

Our goals are to continue to inspire and encourage people and give them an understanding that we still face the same battles as we used to and totally understand where they are coming from.  We were them.

Key Message: Do it for you, make the commitment for you, don’t make excuses and certainly do not give up. YOU ARE WORTH IT.  Move your body and learn how to eat right.

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Having a trainer or coach helps keeps you accountable. You will be taught how to perform the prescribed exercises correctly and effectively.  Having great form is the key to getting greater future results.

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Weight Loss

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