MD Process


1. Sign Up

2. Read T&Cs

3. Order

4. Booking

5. Payment

We have set up our service process to act as part of the consultation.  The consult involves asking you questions that will help MD Fitness understand your needs, your family history, injury profile and goals so that a plan can be developed and the right training methods applied.  All of our services are performed at Anytime Fitness Cambridge unless otherwise requested.

Step by step guide.

  1. Sign up: Our sign up form has purposely been made to gather as much information as possible, please take the time to fill out this form correctly. If further discussion is required, we will arrange a meeting.
  2. Read the Terms and Conditions: This is very important that our terms and conditions are signed off by you.  This forms part of the PT/Client Agreement.
  3. Order: Once the two steps above have been completed you can then place your order for the programme plan type.
  4. Bookings: Please use the online booking system to book your session. If the time slots available do not suit, please make contact so we can discuss further.
  5. Payment: Online Payments using your credit card are taken through Paypal.  Offline payments are direct credit into our bank account. All monthly plans will be invoiced on the day of your renewal and can only be paid by direct credit.  All invoices for MD Fitness come from Oraco Solutions Limited.

In the future MD Fitness will be offering online training, the signup process will not follow the above procedure, this service process is for all of our in-house PT sessions only.