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  • Accountability Package


    The accountability package is designed for MD Fitness to check in with you, monitor your progress and to offer advice, tips and tricks and more.

    After purchasing this product download the app Trello to your mobile device or desktop computer – https://trello.com

    You will be sent an invite from MD Fitness based on the email address you checked out your order with.

    This is a monthly package with a minimum term of 3-months.

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  • Sale!

    Concession Card 10 Sessions

    $600.00 $540.00

    Concession Card 10 Sessions

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  • Sale!

    Concession Card 5 Sessions

    $300.00 $270.00

    Concession Card 5 Sessions

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  • MD Fit 3-3s


    MD Fit 3-3s is a 3 session package.

    Must be used within 14 days

    There is no minimum term for this package.

    3 PT lead session (not based on any programme provided)

    Please read our terms and conditions for this plan, this can be found under special deals.

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  • MD Fit 3s


    MD Fit 3s is a weekly 3 session package.

    This package includes taking measurements and photos once a month.

    One month minimum term for this package.

    3 PT lead session, including programme and progress tracking.

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  • MD Fit SS


    MD Fit SS

    Saturday or Sunday Session

    By appointing only and subject to availability.

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  • MD Smash


    MD Smash is a great way to burn fat, get fit and at the same time build some muscle.  This plan is ideal for people who want a quick workout, with all the benefits.

    30-minute session


    Burn between 500-750 calories.

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  • Weight Loss Nutrition Guide Package


    Note: This a simple guide towards weight loss – The guides are great for people who required ideas and understanding about weight loss.

    After your order has been processed, you must download and save the files to your local machine as the access to the files will be revoked after 21 days.  We recommend saving these files on the first download.

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  • MD Fit 1m


    MD Fit 1m

    1 session per week

    Minimum 3-month term

    Best Value Plan

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