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Family History

This section will provide important information that will help when prescribing and designing a fitness plan that suits you. Family history only gives us an indication of what things we can help prevent in the future.

Personal and/or family illnesses

DiabetesHeart problemsChest painArthritisHigh blood pressureLow blood pressureEpilepsyStrokeOsteoporosisAsthmaHigh cholesterolNone




HeadArmsLower LegsNeckHands/WristsAnkles/FeetBackHipsElbowTorsoUpper LegsShouldersKneesOtherNone

YesNoSometimesNothing I can't handleMinor Mobility Issues

Blood Pressure (BP)

Normal Range is between 110/70-120/80

HeadachesNosebleedsShortness of breathDecreased pain responseVision problemsIrregular heartbeatOther

Physical Profile

This information will help MD Fitness design the best plan for you. We are with you all the way!


We will work together to reach your goals!

Your Personal Goal Statement

What is this? These are your own words to keep you accountable to yourself. I use the statement you provide to remind you of your reason for why! Example Goal: I am getting married, I want to look my best on my wedding day - push me hard!

Get fitterGet strongerBuild muscleLose body fatI want to be competition ready

Not verySomewhatVeryExtremelyI am ready and fully committedHelp me, it's life or death

I am self-motivatedI find exercise easier to stick to if I have a partnerI find exercise easier with regular appointmentsI usually experience some problems staying motivatedI need constant motivation

FamilyFriendsWork colleagues

Two rest days are advisable, however, this will be dependant on your goals as we encourage some type of physical exercise on rest days, this may even mean going for a simple walk.

1-2 days2-3 days3-4 days4-5 days5-6 daysMonday through to Friday

Muscular workoutsCardiovascular workoutsFunctional FitOnly with a PTOther

Please explain what sort of training progamme you had in mind if you selected other above

30 mins45 mins60 mins

1234567 I will push you8 You will be working at almost max9 Pretty Intense10 Super Athlete

Terms and Conditions

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