Why use a trainer?

Do you often or ever wonder why people use a personal trainer? Is it because they need a little bit of confidence in the gym environment; or do they require a little knowledge on what to do and how to use gym equipment? Or are they simply trying to get the best results they can by having someone with the right knowledge who can instruct and push them further out of their comfort zone that they may themselves?

To explain why you need to have a trainer is actually very simple. If you want to be the best version of yourself and reach your full potential you are going to need someone who can push and guide you through the barriers that you yourself might not be able to get to.  A coach or a personal trainer is going to be fully focused on you, making sure that each movement is being performed correctly, making adjustments until you are performing movements with confidence and accuracy, they are going to want to know your goals and what you want to achieve for your end result, but the most important thing is they are going to keep you motivated and making sure that you are getting the maximum benefit from your workout.

Can I be the best version of myself by myself? You certainly can have a huge impact on your physiology by lifting weights and pushing your body and of course, you will see improvements. But can you be your best? Ask any top performing athlete if they could be the best by themselves and you might be surprised by the answer, it will be ‘NO’. They needed guidance, they needed someone who is going to improve their performance, who is going to test them and who is going to help them realise their own potential and someone who is going to get the results.

The interesting thing that most people don’t realise is that personal trainers have trainers/coaches to help them progress and improve on their own personal goals to either be a better personal trainer or compete in competitions or their chosen sport.  You want a personal trainer who has been there and done that and has gone through the process, without knowing this process it is extremely hard to get your clients to the level of their expectation whatever that may be.

By having a trainer you are going to learn correct pattern movements, you are going to get greater results quicker, you are going to be more focused on achieving your goals and you know that you have someone to be accountable to.  So get out there find a personal trainer that works for you and learn from them and the knowledge that they have to help you reach your goals.  A trainer knows when he has done a good job with a client, it will be when the client feels comfortable enough to perform their workouts alone and only needs to check in with you from time to time to get new programmes, assessments and advice.

Welcome to my world, my aim is to help people realise their potential and be the best version of themselves and get the maximum benefit from their workout.

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Danny Burt

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